Prayer Requests

Thank you for taking time to visit our church prayer sheet! If you would like to fill out a prayer request form please use the link below.

Prayer Request Form

Church Requests

Pastor Kevin and Mrs. April Rogerson

The Treadway Family as they make the transition

Bro. Josh and Mrs. Joanna Alexander

Erika Goad, Church Secretary

Deacons: Bro. Eddie Lambert, Bro. David Worley, Bro. Rick Widener

Men who have answered God’s call to preach

Prater Family working on support to be missionaries

New Christians in the church

Our Nation and Leaders

Lost Friends and Family

Expectant Moms and unborn babies

All unemployed families in our church

All Families in our church – God’s protection of our homes

Ministries and Ministry Leaders of EBC

Living Waters Recovery Program, Bro. Rockie Carr

Master Clubs, Bro. Josh Alexander

Emmanuel Christian School, Teachers: Miss Meghan Bickmore, Miss Hannah Hooton, Miss Myranda Bickmore and Mrs. Rachel Hooton

H.O.P.E (Homeless Ministry)

Infant and Toddler Nurseries

Media and Sound Room, Bro. David Worley

Discipleship Program

Sunday School Ministry

Those with Health Concerns

  • Mrs. Williams
  • Tommy Williams
  • Robert and Ollie Woolford
  • Keith and Sandy Treadway
  • Don and Johnsey Lambert
  • Kathy Gray
  • Tammy Trogdon
  • Roger Roe
  • Donald Roe
  • Doug & Joyce Smith
  • David Worley
  • Eddie & Betty Lambert
  • Carolyn Eaton
  • Charles Robinson
  • Shaylyn McQuagge
  • Emmie Holder
  • Bobby Bickmore
  • Jean Kaylor
  • Betty Messer
  • Michelle Strickler
  • Wanda Cooper
  • Julie Jackson
  • Cheryl Sueur
  • Stephen Willis
  • Grace Walden
  • Sherry Hobbs
  • Lillian Grizzle
  • Gaynell Cox

Those Battling Cancer

  • Dillon Wludyga
  • Dody Koontz
  • Jennifer Isaac
  • Pam Watson
  • Charlie Surber
  • Patrice Andrews
  • Kim Andis
  • Suzan Widener
  • Tim Phelps
  • Ken VanDyke
  •  Thom Hubbell
  • Steve Billings
  • John Allen

*Updated August 5, 2020