Training Children to Serve the Master

Master Clubs is an exciting, faith-based teaching program for children 3-year-olds through 6th grade. Similar to scouting, our program encourages children to grow both mentally and spiritually by providing them the opportunity to earn badges and win awards throughout the year.

  • Character building

  • Games and activities

  • Badges and awards

  • Faith-based

Your child will be challenged every week to grow and build character through fun activities, age-appropriate classes, and thrilling games – each of which will be led by Christian role models.


The Master Clubs badge system is similar to scouting programs. When a child accomplishes a task, he or she will be awarded the appropriate patch the will be placed on their Master Clubs vest.


Each week the club will follow this schedule: Welcome Rally, Badge Presentation, Book Time, Bible Lesson, Games, and Snack.


Your child will have the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers and role models. We encourage parents to also get involved to see their child succeed.


The Master Clubs ministry is an amazing teaching opportunity for your child. There is a minimum cost for badges, books, and vests. Please, email for details.

Master Clubs Badges

Children can be awarded badges for completing assignments, displaying good character traits,  being a good example, memorizing Scripture, and much more. Each time they are awarded a badge, they will also win a prize from the treasure box. Awarding badges encourages them to try new things and improve their skills. Badges are a key part of the Master Clubs program.

Each year, our older clubbers get the opportunity to compete with other children in Master Clubs Programs within the region. All children in the Ambassadors and Scouts classes are eligible to enter.

They will be competing in Bible memory, Master Clubs relay games, acting, music, art, and more.

In 2020, we will be traveling to Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, NC. The competitions begin Saturday morning and end that afternoon.

Throughout the Master Clubs season, there are four contests that every participating clubber can enter for the Mailbox Contest. Each contest is divided by age group and category, sent in, and judged along with hundreds of other entries from around the country. There are coloring pages, postcard entries, Bible storytelling video entries, Christian essays, and more for your child to chose from. We highly encourage everyone to participate!